Cultural Analysis of Disney’s Coco


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This essay has to be written on the Disney movie Coco. The class is about cultural issues in healthcare Part 1 (30%) • Why did you select this particular movie or book? • What are the major story themes? • What are the specific cultural issues/conflicts? Give at least two examples. • How are the characters affected? Give at least two examples. • Analyze the story themes and outcomes as they relate to course content. • What did you learn that was NOT in the textbook or assigned readings? Part II (30%) • What did you learn from the experience of reading the book or viewing the film? • How does this experience affect your awareness of another culture and enlarge your world view? • How does this experience inform you in future personal interactions and professional interventions? Give two examples of interactions you will change. • From what you learned by participation in this experience, propose several SPECIFIC recommendations for the larger healthcare system, individual institutions AND the nursing profession.

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