Coursework Task to be completed by Students From the scenario

 Coursework Task to be completed by Students From the scenario information, independent research and from the knowledge that you acquire as a result  of this module, you will prepare a strategic plan addressing relevant issues, in consideration of the different  theoretical areas of the module. When writing this report you will be acting as the Project Manager (Chris  Wycliffe), your target audience is the banks board of directors and, as such, your report should be written  accordingly. The geographical context of the banks is entirely at your discretion; however, you will need to  indicate this at the start of your report as it will impact on the political, environmental, social, legal and  economic factors of your report  The content of the report should include the following; however, this list is a guide and is not exhaustive; MCE | Learning and Teaching Version 2.0 | Page 3 of 5 a. Identify and appraise the current position of the banks, both internally (organisational) and  externally (market),. Use these drivers when making the integration decisions. b. Identify, map and rank the stakeholders associated with the acquisition in terms of their power, and  interest along with the political and emotional factors that could impact on the business strategy.  Perform a Network Analysis to understand the formal and informal relationships between each  stakeholder. Evaluate their needs and requirements,  c. Prepare an effective stakeholder engagement strategy based on the above analysis, that will  ensure that the stakeholders are kept informed of progress during the change process. Create a  strategy that will indicate the appropriate communication channels, the frequency of  communication and how they will be monitored. d. Critically evaluate the business decisions regarding the integration, as outlined in the Project Brief  file, and conclude which decisions will derive the most value and why. e. Identify the key risks of the decisions that you have made and evaluate the impact on the  resources (human and physical) and the governance/culture of the organisation. f. Summarise key areas of the report and outline additional governance frameworks and  considerations that would enable a positive integration based on the decisions that you have  proposed. Whilst your strategic plan is to primarily draw upon, and refer to, the body of academic work in this area, it  is also reasonable to expect that some elements in your review will be informed by material issued by  credible, relevant, professional institutes within Project Management (e.g. , , as these organisations will be useful in highlighting current  issues and offering supporting information. 

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