Conflictual Harmony

Read the Path of  “Conflictual Harmony” by Johanna Tysk

Deliver: A written piece (ca 600-700 words), as well as a jpg or pdf of the filled in character template (located under files/week 3). Writing prompts: Think of a scenario/context in which you have experienced inner conflict, and describe the context vividly: what is the “scene”, the elements of the conflict, the dilemma? Draw out your inner conflicting perspectives into two characters, and just like Jo, Hanna and Tysk in the reading, give them separate names and characteristics. How would they each describe themselves, their agenda, perhaps where they are from, and “their story”? (feel free to exaggerate and be creative with these descriptions) Find a wearable accessory for each character, take a selfie as each, and write a short description of strengths and weaknesses. Paste both photos and descriptions into the template found under files/week 3. Now, describe or invent a “mediator character” inside you, and give also this character a name, a description, a wearable accessory and a selfie to insert into the template. Write a scene in a dialogue format with all three characters present, trying to consciously build upon the strengths of the opposing characters, and a playful acceptance of whatever external circumstances are present. Finally, briefly describe your understanding of the concept of “Conflictual Harmony” in your own words. Feel free to be inspired or build upon what is discussed in the reading, rather than trying to “get it right”.

#Conflictual #Harmony

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