Colonial history

The topic is about “colonial history”. It’s better to select one empire/time period. Choose detailed topic and subtopics whatever you want. I provided 4 books may help. Also you can add sources into bibliography but it’s better from a book. Requirements from prof **Do not use textbooks (including the one in this class) or popular history books (published by a non-academic press). Look for books published by university presses (Oxford, Cambridge, University of California, Johns Hopkins, etc.)** **Your final bibliography should include at least four books. At least two of them should significantly inform your writing. If you would like to use a journal article in place of a book, let me know.** READ YOUR BOOKS Read Introduction and openings of each chapter Look at the bibliographies for more sources What main topics or arguments are most common among your authors? Revise your research question in order to participate in that dialogue TAKE NOTES Author’s thesis (“In this book, I intend to demonstrate….”) Scope of the author’s research (including the primary sources she analyzes) Directly quote most essential parts of her argument or interpretation Synthesize and paraphrase the remainder of the information that you find helpful in constructing your topic. Be sure to note page numbers because paraphrases must be cited, even if you do not include direct quotations. More on quoting:

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