Capstone discussion 9

please respond to the main DQ1 and DQ2. Also respond to the peer discussions 1-6


Discuss one personal strength and one weakness you have regarding
professional presentations. Name one method for improvement for each
of these, and discuss why it is important for you to work on these
skills if you want to present your findings in a more formal setting.


Sustaining change can be difficult, as there are many variables that
can affect implementation. One critical component of EBP is to ensure
that practice change is part of an organization’s culture so it will
continue to impact outcomes over time. Name two potential barriers
that may prevent your EBP change proposal from continuing to obtain
the same desired results 6 months to a year from now, and your
strategies for overcoming these barriers.

Peer DQ1

I am absolutely terrified of public
speaking. I feel like my throat is closing and words just
don’t come out. However, I like to create PowerPoint
Presentation. I think that one of my strengths is in creation of
the actual presentation and humor. Presentations can be given in
a large hall with an audience numbered in hundreds, or at the
patient’s bedside to one or two colleagues. At a basic
level the skills required to present are the same effective
communication, know and understand the subject, present information
clearly, and engage the audience (Turaga, 2016). Fear of public
speaking is common. Many people including myself experience
anxiety when it comes to public speaking. Many healthcare
providers are afraid of public speaking and therefore choose not to
engage with the audience on important topics. However, most
presentations that are given by nursing staff are to peers, fellow
healthcare providers or patients. Good presentation skills are
essential and useful for nurses in their professional and personal
development. I think that overcoming my fear of public speaking
is a valuable endeavor for me to undertake.

Healthcare providers have to develop excellent presentation skills and
such skills will improve their self-confidence, heighten awareness,
and enhance personal power. Since all nurses are expected to be
involved in teaching (at bedside and in educational contexts)of
mentoring nursing students and colleagues, effective
presentation skills will help me to transmit the necessary information
clearly and concisely (which is easier for listener to understand).
I think that practicing presentations in front of small audience
then working my way up can enhance my personality and become my
strength. I can address individuals very naturally and I always
engage with patients, patients’ families, and my
coworkers. Practicing presentations and getting feedback from
the audience can help me become a better presenter and inspire
confidence in my public speaking skills.


Turaga, R. (2016). Organizational Models of Effective
Communication. IUP Journal Of Soft Skills, 10(2), 56-65.

Peer DQ2

Life is a learning experience but the ability of an individual
to identify his or her weaknesses, as well as, strengths makes him
or her become better in all things that he or she does. In the
course of my job, I have participated in various professional
presentations, which has made me recognize the strength that I need
to build on the weakness that needs improvement. My strength entails
having effective communication skills in both verbal and nonverbal
communication. Before a presentation, I do adequate research about a
topic to talk about the ideas am presenting to the audience
articulately. Effective communication skills ensure that I present
my work in ways that the audience can understand while creating an
exciting learning atmosphere for all people.

However, I have a weakness in that sometimes I feel like I have
not practiced adequately, which makes me nervous before a
presentation. As a result of the nervousness, I worry too much about
whether I will present my work in a way that my audience understands
and provide accurate information or not. However, both my weakness
and strength can be improved through practice, which boosts
confidence and the motivation to do better during a presentation.
Doing adequate practice before presentation to a smaller number of
people will help to build on my strength while improving my weak
points to ensure that I am an effective professional presenter.
Presentation skills are important because they help us to achieve
individual success while working with a team in the organization
settings (Torok, 2015). Good presentation skills facilitate career
growth and success of an individual in an organization.
Additionally, presentation skills are important for business
success, as they promote time management, good leadership and create
a good public image or opinion (Torok, 2015).


Torok, G. (2015). Why are presentation skills important?
Retrieved 12 Nov. 2018 from

Peer DQ3

In order to deliver and effectively communicate in a formal setting,
proper presentation skills are vital. This is also in addition to
presenting oneself in the best way possible.
One strength I have as regards said skills, is my technical competence
in putting together text and graphics for the presentation. A weakness
I have might be the unease and nervousness I might feel, which may
inadvertently manifest as bad body language, stuttering and the
I believe some measures posited by
Mind Tools (2018), like practicing way ahead of time, welcoming input
and engagement from the audience, making the presentation succinct and
simple, and finally breathing and other stress management techniques
to control my nervousness.

Mind Tools. (2018). How good are your presentation
skills? Retrieved November 2018 from…

Peer DQ4

Proper presentation skills is keyin having an effective
communication, as well as presenting oneself in the best way possible.
In order to achieve the success of the day, one must possess the
confidence needed in order to convey the right messages to the audience.

One of my strengths as a public presenter is on the arrangement and
delivery of the content material. My arguments are always in an
organized fashion which helps in explaining my thoughts in a more
structured manner through the introduction, body and conclusion. This
also ensures that my audience is not left out when it comes to
understanding and grasping the content. Moreover, it helps
authenticate my voice making me more audible. This not only engages
the audience but also boosts my confidence.

However, despite all this, I have a weakness when it comes to
maintaining eye contact with the audience. This makes me more nervous
and thus prefer to fix my eyes on my papers or on the slides. The
nervousness makes me talk very fast, not stand still and more so
forget the important concepts which could have otherwise been important.

In order to get more from the strength, I need to understand my
topic well so as to be more engaging with the audience. Also use more
simple visual aids with clear notes and color, which will ensure that
I speak freely and more confidently. To improve on the weakness, I
need to work on calming my nervousness before starting the
presentation. This can be done by taking deep breathes before
starting, cracking a joke in order to create rapport with the
audience, and trying to also stand still.

Working on this presentation skills not only makes one a great
presenter, but also professional development and success is achieved.
Also one gains relevant experience needed in the success of the organization.

Peer DQ5

A good presentation always involves hard work and lot of reading.
Presenting something new in front of the audience is always
nerve wreaking. When I think about my strengths for a
professional presentation or public speaking preparation is my key to
confidence. I arrange presentation in an order where the public can
easily understand it. When the facts are clearly written down in
the presentation it gives confidence and definitely ease it. Adding a
bright and versatile tone to the voice draws public’s interest
in to the presentation.

When it comes to weakness anxiety for the start of the presentation
is the first in my list. When it is almost my time to go on the stage
i become nervous. Nervousness makes my heart beat up and throat dry.
Any time I have a public speech I always start taking deep breaths
from the time I start feeling nervous and it usually work. Another
technique I use is diverting my mind by thinking about something
completely different from the current situation or sing a song in my
mind. And it usually helps. Improving the skills in public speaking is
important for nurses because we talk all day long. Especially if a
nurse want to advance in the career or just be a better nurse,
communicating effectively is an essential skill. It is important to
earn to sum up thoughts, ideas, and solutions faster than most
other professionals.


Quinn-Szcesuil, Julia. (2017). How can public speaking help your
career?. Retrieved from…

Peer DQ6

personal strength is that I have confidence that when I start
speaking on the topic I had prepared, I will give a very good
presentation, no matter the size of the audience, because the
presentation must be what affects the audience, and the topic
that will catch the interest of the audience. Every Nurse is a
leader, leadership entails being able to educate/ teach,
mentor and impact knowledge. The objective of Presentation is to
bring transformation. The quality of input, process affects
the output and outcome. Actually, nurses should be
transformational leaders. Transformational leadership is
positively associated with the degree of shared understanding of
professional quality among professionals and that a shared
understanding of quality is positively associated with high levels
of professional quality. When characterize planning and
preparation condition is characterized for service delivery as
desirable in themselves, the understanding of professional quality
has a process focus. An output-oriented understanding of
professional quality is seen when certain activities and services
are perceived as desirable (Andersen, Bjørnholt, Bro, &
Holm-Petersen (2018).

weakness is having so much anxiety before the presentation. Because
I now this weakness, I often look forward to that moment
or the time to start the presentation, so that the anxiety can wear
off as one thing is taken at a time, and the calmness ensues.


L. B., Bjørnholt, B., Bro, L. L., & Holm-Petersen, C.
(2018). Achieving High Quality Through Transformational Leadership:
A Qualitative Multilevel Analysis of Transformational Leadership and
Perceived Professional Quality. Public Personnel Management, 47(1),

Expert Solution Preview

visualization. I visualize myself successfully delivering the presentation and receiving positive feedback from the audience. This helps me to calm down and focus on the task at hand.

The method for improvement for my strength is to continuously practice and improve my presentation skills by seeking feedback from others. By practicing and refining my presentation skills, I can ensure that my audience understands the information clearly and takes away the key points. Additionally, incorporating some humor and personal anecdotes can make the presentation more engaging for the audience.

The method for improvement for my weakness is to work on managing my anxiety and nerves before a presentation. This can be achieved by practicing deep breathing exercises, visualization techniques, and using positive self-talk to boost confidence. It is important for me to work on these skills if I want to present my findings in a more formal setting, as good presentation skills are essential for effective communication and professional success.

Peer DQ6

Professional presentations can be a daunting experience for many people, including myself. However, one strength that I possess is being able to engage the audience and keep their attention throughout the presentation. I believe that it is important to capture the audience’s attention from the start in order to keep them interested in the topic. One method for improvement for this strength is to incorporate more interactive elements into the presentation, such as asking questions and encouraging discussion.

On the other hand, a weakness that I have is sometimes struggling with nerves and anxiety during presentations. This can lead to me rushing through the presentation and not presenting the information in a clear manner. A method for improvement for this weakness is to practice the presentation in front of friends or colleagues beforehand. This will help me to identify areas where I need to improve and become more confident in delivering the presentation. It is important for me to work on both my strengths and weaknesses if I want to present my findings in a more formal setting, as good presentation skills are a necessary tool for any healthcare provider.

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