Budget Analyze


Budget Analyze 

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Upload the excel table of revenues and expenditures, budget comparisons, and conclusion, please write about these tables. Please let me know if you have any questions. The only reference for the revenues and expenditures would be the excel table I upload and the city of Seattle and city of Chandler’s official websites. I will upload the sample paper, instruction, and grading rubric. You do not need to do the introduction part because I already did it. If you think it is better to look over the introduction before you start the work, please let me know, I will upload it. Please do the narrative of the revenues and expenditures part by March 7. I will extend the deadline for the budget comparisons and the conclusions to March 15 if you need more time for these two parts. You can also revise the revenues and expenditures part after, but I need the narrative on March 7. Thank you.



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