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HUM 2410 -Asian Humanities–BuddhismPaper Instructions-Read at least a few pages a dayof the book Buddhism: Plain and Simple. Take notes (on a tablet or computer) as you are reading. Notemain points, passages that stand out to you, and your thoughts on the material (be sure to keep them organized and note page numbers).Contemplatethe material as you read, and try to think ofsomebenefits and criticismsof what you are reading.

Do some supplementary research online. Summarize and thinkcritically about the material. The paper should primarily beyour personal reflections on the material presented in the book. Answer the following questions in your paper:How does it apply to your own life? What can you relate to?What benefit can be gained from the ideas in the book? What is difficult for you to understand from the book?How does Buddhism differ from your religion orreligion(s) you are familiar with? Do you think Buddhism is thesame type of religion as the others?(Answering thesequestions is not what your WHOLEpaper should be about, I want more.)Support your claims with citations and quotes. Although I want you to personally invest yourself in this work and go deep, you must also be scholarly and academic. Try to put aside your preconceived notions and established beliefs. Think in ways you have never thought before.1)Read a few pages several times a week. 2)Take notes as you read. 3)Contemplate as you read and take notes.4)Write your paper in essay form (full paragraphs)Cite page numbers for any and all paraphrases and quotes. The final paper must include a minimum of 10citationsfrom this book. Include4or 5shortquotes, no more than 3-4lines each.You must include quotes/citationsfrom the beginning, middle and end of the book (so I know you read the whole thing).Use MLA format for the entire paper, size 12 font, Double Spaced, 1 inch margins.7-pages Min.MLA Guidelines:https://owl.english.purdue.edu/owl/resource/747/01/You cannot plagiarize! If you do not know what constitutes plagiarism and what does not, please research it.If you have any issueswith this assignment, please contact the professor.

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