Biopsychosocialspiritual assessment

Students will interview an older adult who is 60 years old or older. This must not be a person who is related to you or who you know well. You will conduct a Biopsychosocialspiritual assessment with this individual. A copy of the final paper (minus the conclusion and research sections) will be presented to the person in gratitude for their time. In planning to execute this assignment, be aware that the interview process will be lengthy (expect to spend 3-5+ hours), requiring several sessions to collect all the information. A letter and form are provided in the back of the syllabus for the person you will interview. She/He needs to read the letter and sign the form that explains the assignment and the parameters of confidentiality. The interviewee should keep the letter and one copy of the form. The other copy of the signed form needs to be turned in with the paper. Students must use the headings provided below in your paper. The headings are helpful guides for your interview. The paper should be approximately 12 pages in length, typed, double-spaced, using APA format. Papers and signed forms should be submitted electronically. Worth 100 points. See Rubri

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