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I need help with my Power Point assignment. I have to make 3-4 slides and plus references list as separate slide. It is a group work so I have part 3  Explain why each of these practices is important for your healthcare organizations given the current policy and regulatory environment.

I have to do my slides based on my other classmates work. One of my classmate wrote about best financial practices so I have to write my part based on her slides. I will attached a powerpoint below. Citation should be in APA  style

Assessment #5 (10%): Group Presentation: Best Financial Practices Powerpoint

This project is a group presentation in PowerPoint. Your assigned group is below. 

Each group is to develop a powerpoint presentation devoted to the best financial practices for health care. Each presentation should: 

a) Identify and describe your healthcare organization (e.g. hospital, physician organization, laboratory, other).

b) List at least five “Best financial practices” that you believe are important for your healthcare organizations to follow. Base your choice on your reading in this course and research.

c) This is my part that I have to write on..make 3-4 slides : Explain why each of these practices is important for your healthcare organizations given the current policy and regulatory environment.

d) Explain what can go wrong if the practice is not followed.

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As a professor of medicine and the person in charge of creating assignments and evaluating student performance, I would like to provide guidance on the following topic: “Explain why each of these practices is important for your healthcare organizations given the current policy and regulatory environment.”


In the healthcare industry, financial practices play a crucial role in the success of any organization. The current policy and regulatory environment requires healthcare organizations to follow some best financial practices to ensure transparency and accountability. In this regard, it is essential to understand the importance of the practices listed below:

1. Cost containment: Controlling costs is important for any healthcare organization to stay competitive and provide quality care to patients. By implementing cost containment practices, an organization can avoid unnecessary spending, reduce waste, and optimize resource allocation. This is especially important in the current environment where healthcare costs are constantly rising.

2. Revenue cycle management: Efficient revenue cycle management practices are critical to the financial success of a healthcare organization. By optimizing billing and coding processes, revenue can be maximized and cash flow can be improved. In the current regulatory environment, compliance with billing and coding guidelines is critical to avoid penalties and fines.

3. Budget planning: Planning and managing budgets effectively is crucial in the healthcare industry, where resources are limited. By developing realistic budgets and monitoring expenses, an organization can ensure adequate funding for necessary services and avoid financial instability.

4. Financial reporting: Accurate and timely financial reporting is essential to monitor the financial health of an organization. Regular reports can help identify areas of improvement and implement corrective actions to avoid financial losses.

If these financial practices are not followed, serious consequences can occur. For example, failure to contain costs or manage revenue cycles effectively can lead to financial losses and negatively impact patient care. Failure to comply with regulations can result in fines, legal action, and reputational damage.

In summary, healthcare organizations must prioritize best financial practices to stay competitive, maintain financial stability, and provide quality care to patients. By implementing these practices, organizations can ensure compliance with current policies and regulations, avoid financial losses, and promote long-term sustainability.

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