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Answer Critical Thinking Challenge #4 at the end of Chapter 9. Compare the program you create to your current employer or a former employer’s management development program. If your program is better, tell me why you feel that way. If not, what ways can you improve yours?

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The critical thinking challenge #4 at the end of Chapter 9 requires comparing the management development program created by oneself to that of the current or former employer. As a medical professor in charge of creating assignments and evaluating student performance, I will provide an answer to this question objectively.


The management development program that I have created for medical college students is aimed at preparing them for leadership roles in the medical field. This program focuses on developing their skills in decision-making, communication, and teamwork, which are essential in managing a medical facility.

Comparing my program to that of my former employer’s management development program, I believe that my program is better in terms of its structure and approach. My program is designed to be more practical and hands-on, which allows students to gain real-world experience in managing healthcare facilities. In contrast, the former employer’s management development program placed more emphasis on theoretical knowledge and less on practical experience.

However, there are areas where my program can be improved to make it more effective. One such area is the inclusion of more case studies and simulations that can challenge students to solve complex problems and make critical decisions under pressure. Additionally, more emphasis could be placed on developing students’ emotional intelligence skills, such as empathy and self-awareness, which are critical in managing and leading teams effectively.

In conclusion, while my management development program is better than my former employer’s program, there is always room for improvement. By incorporating more practical experience, case studies, and emotional intelligence skill development, I can make the program even more effective in preparing students for leadership roles in the healthcare industry.

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