As we discovered in Week 1, Mr. Franklin has been

 As we discovered in Week 1, Mr. Franklin has been tracking Huang’s goals and objectives throughout his academic year to monitor his progress. It is time to review that data and your documented present levels of academic achievement and functional performance (PLAAFPs) to begin considering new goals and objectives for Huang.

Initial Post: Post an initial response that addresses the following areas using the discussion board forum:

Huang has been working on goals and objectives in the areas of language/communication, social/behavioral skills, classroom management skills, mathematics, literacy, and self-help skills.

  • Use the included data monitoring system download to make a determination on whether Huang has mastered, made adequate progress, or made insufficient progress on the annual goals.
  • What recommendations would be made to Mr. Franklin for Huang’s PLAAFP in these skill areas?
  • How would this information lend itself for creating new goals and objectives?
  • Summarize your recommendations in these three areas in a professional email to Mr. Franklin from your perspective as the collaborating special education teacher.


Henley, M., Ramsey, R. S., & Algozzine, R. F. (2009). Characteristics of and strategies for teaching students with mild disabilities (6th ed.). Pearson.

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