Apple vs Microsoft

Description Research, Analyze, and compare two companies or organizations that you think would be extremly re warding to work for, and present your findings in a formal written report. In selecting companies, you may reach as high and far as you like in any sector (think dream organizations) to find an organization where you might fully realize your goals. -Using variety of sources to research -Analyze the mission, benefits, and disavantages of two organizations and their standing in in your field(Computer science) -Reporting on what the organizations have to offer people Intro Body(text) for each of the companies -Mission -Brief history(In simple words) -Your analysis of it”s current position, Including Market, audience or constituents and competitors Financial position Productivity reputation in the field(Computer science) Future prospects(Opportunities and challenges) -Employment opportunities and conditions (in simple words) Including openings, hiring policies and salaries, workplace amenities Conclusion -This is where you synthesize what you have learned and make a judgement call: based on you research, What do you think would be the better organization to work for, given you goals and needs?

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