APA format 175 – 265 words Cite at least one

APA format

175 – 265 words

Cite at least one (1) peer-reviewed reference

Respond to the following:


Dr. Bill Berry


Hi All,

Switching gears a little.

We are in a different model of employment these days. In part, the Affordable Care Act is in response and a cause of these changes. All industries are looking at employment from new perspectives and still learning what works best. The cost of benefits, training, etcetera have reached levels where business must do this to remain competitive. While it is painful right now, the approach to health care is an example of how the change can be good in the long run. In the end, employers will not offer health care, but will pay enough that employees can buy their own from the market. This makes temporary employment better for folks, and lets the market place people in environments where they are most productive and happy. Right now, medical insurance is actually handcuffs. In research, we call this continuance commitment.

How will this change cash flow models?

Dr. Bill

Ibanga Umanah. (2019, April 29). Gigs are not the future of work. – Brave – Medium. Medium; Brave. https://medium.com/braveventurelabs/gigs-are-not-the-future-of-work-733fa78e5f8f

8/5/22, 9:08 AM

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