Analysis of : Deborah Tannen Fighting for Our Lives article

Purpose Deconstructing and analyzing arguments are the foundations of good argumentation. As Lazere posits, its not just about sounding good, it is about having a “sound argument”. Learning how to identify the claim, reasoning, and use of evidence will help you understand what constitutes fair arguments, in addition to creating your own in future assignments and courses. Specifically, this assignment will help you meet the following Student Learning Outcomes: Create and compose argumentative texts and oral presentations Analyze, advocate, and criticize ideas, especially through the process of debate Critically evaluate reasoning and evidence In this assignment everyone will analyze the same article that we will analyze in class together: Deborah Tannen Fighting for Our Lives.pdfPreview the document Process 1. Read the introduction to Deborah Tannen’s “Argument Culture”: Deborah Tannen Fighting for Our Lives.pdfPreview the document 2.

Identify the claim, warrants, evidence, and type of reasoning used. 3. Write an essay answering the following questions: What is Tannen’s primary claim? What warrants does she use to support this argument? What form of reasoning does Tannen utilize? Are there any fallacies present? Does Tannen’s essay meet Lazere’s definition of a “good” argument (2009, p. 32)? Use atleast 4 specific concepts form chapters 2, 4, 6, 7, 9, 12 or 13 from Lazere to answer this. Bold/highlight the specific concepts in your paper. 4. Proofread and edit to ensure you are answering all of these questions. Adjust any major grammar and spelling errors. There is no particular organizational approach required for this essay. There is no page minimum or maximum for this essay. Write however mush you think is enough to adequately analyze the argument. 5. Format the paper Times New Roman font, size 12 1-inch margins Double-spaced No title page is required

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