a) What is the aim of a business (large or

  1. a)  What is the aim of a business (large or small) when implementing an Information System?
  2. b)  How has this rational evolved in the last 50 years? How are decision made by the CIO different from the ones made back then?
  3. c)  What are the functions of an information system?
  4. d)  List the components of an information system infrastructure.
  5. e)  Explain what the difference between a binary and a decimal system is, and why information system hardware only can process binary strings at their
  6. f)  Explain in your own words the difference between human readable information and machine code. Is there any way to translate one into the other and
    vice versa?
  7. g)  Define DATA, INFORMATION, KNOWLEDGE & WISDOM in your own words.
  8. h)  Provide 5 real life examples on how implementing automated data handling improves business performance and profits. Can you list some business
    processes which were not possible to perform before the information age?

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